Introduction to the Unification Community

The Blessing of Love
   Love, marriage and world peace

The Healing of the World
   An Introduction to the life and teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Building a World of True Love
An introduction to the Divine Principle

Marriage, Family, and World Peace
   Good families are made from good marriages, and good marriages are made from good men and women.

An Introduction
   The Life and Teaching of Sun Myung Moon

Slide Presentations of the Divine Principle A general overview and presentations chapter by chapter

Further Readings:

Sermons of Rev Moon
   A Selection of sermons translated into English
Exposition of the Divine Principle
   Through this new translation, the deep message of the
   Divine Principle may be better understood in the Western world.
HOON DOK HAE Gathering for Reading and Learning
Theory of Education, Rev S.M. Moon
Philosophy of Peace, Rev S.M. Moon
Reunification of Korea and World Peace, Rev S.M. Moon
Cheon Il Guk Ka-jeong Maeng-se
God Is Our King and True Parent:
   Rev Moon at Harlem's Canaan Baptist Church
God is our King
Dr T. Hendricks: "Engrafting in to Jesus" Presentation
Notes on the "Engrafting in to Jesus" Presentation
True Parents and the Completed Testament Age
Unification Thought,
      Dr. Sang Hun Lee
Essentials Of Unification Thought
Unification Thought Study Guide
Communism: A New Critique And Counterproposal
True Parent's History For Children
True Mother's Life For Children
Sun Myung Moon, the Early Years, Michael Breen 1920 - 53
      Reflections on the Origins of the Unification Movement.
A History Of The Unification Church In America, 1959-74,
      Michael L Mickler
Early Unification Church History,
      Nora Spurgin
The Tradition, Book One
The Tribal Messiah
The Way Of God's Will
Home Church
God's Will and the World
God's Will and the Ocean
True Love and True Family
God's Warning to the World
      Reverend Moon's Message from Prison
God's Warning to the World Book 2
      Reverend Moon's Message from Prison
Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon 25 US Cities, 80 Worldwide Tour 1999
Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life
      Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon North American Speaking Tour
      April 1-16, 1998
Proclamation of the Messiah
The Restoration of True Love
Questions and Answers with Rev Sun Myung Moon
Science & Absolute Values
      10 Addresses by Sun Myung Moon
New Hope, Twelve Talks
Crown of Glory
      A Poem by Sun Myung Moon written as a boy
Holy Songs
Locations of Holy Grounds in America
40 Years in America a sample
Divine Principle Home Study Course
Divine Principle Introductory Lectures:

Slide Presentations of the Divine Principle
A general overview and presentations chapter by chapter

Powerpoint Presentations of the Divine Principle
A general overview and presentation in Japanese

Divine Principle Two Hour Lecture
Divine Principle Four Hour Lecture
Divine Principle Six Hour Lecture
World Scripture
      Edited by Dr. Andrew Wilson
International Conferences for Clergy
      Questions And Answers

Messages Concerning the Spirit World:

"Clouds of Witnesses: The Saints' Testimonies"

"God is Our Parent"
     Seminar in the Spirit World with the Four Religious Founders"
"Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists"
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
     Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians"(PDF)
"Messages from 12 Journalists representing 120 World Journalists"

"Message of Heung Jin Nim, January 1, 2002"

Life in the Spirit World and on Earth,
      Dr. Sang Hun Lee
Lucifer: A Criminal Against Humanity,
      Dr. Sang Hun Lee
St Augustine's Confessions,
     A Message from the Spirit World by Young Soon Kim
Insights Into the Afterlife
      30 Questions and Answers on What to Expect.
      Nora M. Spurgin
Excerpts from: Unknown But Known
      My Adventure Into The Meditative Dimension.
      Arthur Ford


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