Selected Readings

Sermons of Rev Moon
A selection of sermons and unofficial notes in English

Overview of the Divine Principle
The basic teaching of the Unification Church

The Way to World Peace

A sermon delivered by Reverend Sun Myung Moon on August 28, 1991
at the founding of the Federation for World Peace, Seoul, Korea.

How to Gain Spiritual Help
Sound Guidance for a Spiritually Healthy Lifestyle.
Reverend Sun Myung Moon delivered this talk on November 27, 1978.

The Central Role of Women in the Ideal World
A Sermon delivered by Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon on July 6, 1992 at the
Rally for Leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Seoul, Korea

Teaching Aids

Divine Principle Slide Presentations
A general overview and presentations chapter by chapter

Further Reading

Books and publications of the Unification Community Home